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Lothliene is a world of magic, blade, and rudimentary guns, Lothliene is home to many kingdoms, races, and peoples. Lothliene is a very large, temperate planet. It is known for its expansive forests that sit along the equador of the planet. Many waterways have allowed for a transmission and rapid expansion of ideas, one being blackpowder. While many know of the mystery powder, its current cost prohibitive nature limits use to only the richest. Though Lothliene is large, it has many well-defined kingdoms and territories with accompanying webs of treaties and political intrigue. Though orc hordes occasionally threaten from the southwest, there are no known major threats to Lothliene.

The year in Lothliene is 1569 (since time has been recorded), there is a history to Lothliene that extends beyond these years, but much of that was lost to the sands of time. These years before years were marked by eras of magical anomalies, strong, unwieldy magical entities without any seeming purpose. Not much is known, but the earliest histories of the races converge about 2000 years prior to written history, these early races were borne out of a strong unknown magical event, many believe the magical entities formed these races in the event, and over time have been worshipped as gods.

One of the main reasons for the current era of peace and stability in Lothliene, must be attributed to the stewardship of the strongest city-states, that being the Eternal City of Batun. Batun is a City-State Empire that reigns on the eastern edge of the known (mapped) world. The city sits on the Sea of Ithras. It is a major trade-way to the Sea of Penthee, and to the common man, there is not much else to know…


Home Page

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